Travel: Oxford

A collection of photos from this beautiful city. Bonus points if anyone knows which film the place in the top right picture was used as a location for!


Top 7: Children’s Classics

1. 'Anne of Green Gables' by L. M. Montgomery I loved this lyrical story of a quirky red-headed orphan who is unwanted at first but soon wins everyone round with her adventurous nature and vivid imagination. I liked the fact that the story followed Anne's life over several years; I got to see her develop as a... Continue Reading →

Poem: Forever Young

Here is the second poem that is being included in the anthology. I hope you enjoy it. The church bells are ringing The people flooding from their carriages Through the sunny country to their pews We’ll return home for Sunday dinner Congratulating ourselves on surviving Another of Rev Brown’s sermons Pa will crack jokes that... Continue Reading →

Poem: Birkenau

Recently I was very excited to find out that two of my poems are going to be included in an anthology so I thought I would share the first one with you: The sun smiles down On a Van-Gogh meadow Where people were once unpoured From a train Gasping for country air And holding their loved ones... Continue Reading →

Article: Are you an introvert?

Inspired by Susan Cain's book 'Quiet' Are you happy in your own company? Do you prefer having a few close friends to spending time in large groups? Are you secretly glad when plans to meet up are cancelled? If your answer to any of the above questions was yes, the chances are that you, like... Continue Reading →

Top 7: Books of the past year

When trying to decide on my top ten reads of the past year, I realised there were only seven I felt strongly about - I couldn't make my mind up about the final three. Well, top tens are getting a little passé anyway, so here you are: alongside the seven wonders of the world, the seven dwarves,... Continue Reading →

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