Poem: Trampoline

A thousand summer’s evenings Woodsmoke and pine Now all blurred By the passage of time At the end of the garden Fairies danced in the light And we bounced like bubbles As noon became night We laughed, flying higher Forgetting our cares For a moment suspended In summersweet air Then when we grew tired We... Continue Reading →


Poem: Crush

I think I’ve got a crush Only a small one Laughable Like a talking turtle More blush-coloured fruit smoothie Than Sex on the Beach More like a leaf crunching underfoot in autumn Than tumbling down a hill Head-over-heels in summer But still it’s there And when I see you Unravelling the yarn of your smile... Continue Reading →

Poem: Firefly

You and I felt easy like a Sunday Love song. Yet still unpredictable I remember when it rained how You turned your face to the sky Glowing like a firefly In the velvet night While I laughed until I felt warm inside Then we sat in a café Making each cup of coffee last As... Continue Reading →

Poem: Big City

This poem was inspired by my visit to the city of Harbin in China. Door’s locked so we climb out through the window The night breathes in our faces, reeking of traffic fumes The sky is light though it’s long past midnight We are deafened by car horns and dubstep and voices A thousand nameless... Continue Reading →

Top 7: Children’s books

1. ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ by Trenton Lee Stewart I thoroughly enjoyed this book about a group of children selected through a series of tests to infiltrate a mysterious institution. It was clever and full of puzzles, mysteries and surprises. 2. ‘Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism’ by Georgia Byng I loved all the books... Continue Reading →

Poem: Autumn

I know autumn’s been done a thousand times before But this year, it’s different. Everything’s orange: the leaves, the pumpkins, your hair We curl up in our burrow to hibernate You gather me in your arms like a harvest The days are short, but at least the nights are long. At Guy Fawkes fireworks sparkle... Continue Reading →

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