Poem: New School

I’m not sure that I want this
Not sure that I’m ready
Change is good, they say, but
You sit there like a sphinx
Clever, bewildering, you
Seem to be smiling.
I shift in my seat
Legs dangling, hanging,
Plankton in the vast ocean
Of knowledge, of life.
As I enter your gates
The air feels fresher, different
The sun’s rising blush colours the sky
I see a rose garden
Smell the blooms on the breeze
And I know that
Everything will be alright.


Poem: Old School

I saw you the other day
For the first time in months
A glimpse as fleeting
As those five years now seem
Yet it rattled me still
I remember how
Your hallways once resounded
With my laughter
You taught me everything I knew
In you I found my best friend, my confidant,
The one who made me smile
You watched me grow from girl to woman
Patient, unwavering, wise
And now I’m gone
Replaced by another girl
Shy, naïve, nervous
With a rucksack as wide as her eyes
I’ve outgrown you now, I know that
I only needed you for a time
But each part of you
Is so familiar
I know you’ll always be mine.