Poem: Frames

I’ve tried so hard to make
Memories that will last a lifetime
Pictures glowing in their frames
That cannot help but catch my eye
And force my stubborn lips into a smile.
So I’ve pulled my friends from their beds
To stargaze in the freezing dark
Dragged my family to a thousand shows
Where the actors and audience strain their laughs
Travelled the four corners of the earth
With just a camera and some makeup as my guide.
And as I smiled for the flash
I stepped outside the frame
And thought, ‘This is it, this is the one, this time.’
But I’ve never quite felt satisfied
For as I’ve come to realise
The moments that really matter
Are gone as soon as they happen
The intensity of singing in the rain
The thrill of losing yourself in a strange land
And finding it again
With the steady drumbeat of a loved one’s heart
A beacon in the quiet dark.


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