Poem: Old Maid

When they see me in the street they smile
And pity me
Never married, ripening age, old maid.
I suppose you’d smile too
If you knew
That Pointless
Has become my life
And each night I curl up
With Ernesto by my side
A cat, more’s the pity, but
Maybe it would also surprise you
To learn that I don’t mind
Because each day I wake and
The memory of you
Filters through the curtains of my mind
Like the sunrise
I think of you
Tracing the rim of your glass
With a finger and
Hiding a smile
Or stretching out, sleeping
In front of the fire
While I looked on with folded arms
But a heart open wide
I know that what we had
Was not recorded on paper
Or encircled in the confines
Of a ring
But I never needed a filter
To gain your approval
And I knew you liked me
Without pushing your buttons
And though
Our time was brief
And not to be
When I see them on the street I smile
And pity them;
Never married, ripening age, old maid.


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