Grammar Rant 3

I don't know, you tell me who they are.


BR: ‘To the Lighthouse’ by Virginia Woolf

'To the Lighthouse' describes the experiences of a family and their guests on the Isle of Skye, with such diverse characters as the frustrated artist Lily Briscoe; the beautiful, universally-admired Mrs Ramsay; the needy, temperamental Mr Ramsay; and their son James, who is desperate to visit the lighthouse. However, the trip only takes place many... Continue Reading →

Interview with Helen Grant

Recently I was excited to have the opportunity to interview the very talented Helen Grant, one of my favourite authors. Her books blend together creepy mysteries, local legends, hints of the supernatural, romance, drama and intriguing foreign locations. Her first novel, 'The Vanishing of Katharina Linden', was nominated for the CILIP Carnegie medal and the second... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Opium Bride

I still remember the day When my father came staggering From the fields of blood-red poppies Like a wounded soldier The tears that bled From my mother’s eyes As she laid the proposition On the table like a shotgun. She lied. It wasn’t a proposition It was an order: no choice. You do understand? If... Continue Reading →

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