Book Haul

As I had a few vouchers to spend, I spent an excellent day visiting the Piccadilly Waterstones as well as Hatchards, the oldest bookshop in London, so I thought I would share my takings with you:

The Red House

I really enjoyed ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ and this book seems intriguing, promising humour, tension and family secrets.

The Gravedigger's Daughter

I was trying to decide between several of Joyce Carol Oates’ books as she is an author whose work I have never read but have wanted to try for some time. Eventually I settled on this one: it sounds dark and mysterious and I was drawn in by the unusual notion of gravedigging as a profession.

The Echo Maker

This is a novel about the consequences of an accident for a victim who suffers a traumatic brain injury. Fickle, I know, but the typeface and cover are gorgeous too!

Kind Of Cruel

Sophie Hannah is another author whose work I have wanted to sample for a while and the psychological thriller is a genre which really interests me at the moment.

Literary Theory

I feel like my knowledge of literary theory at the moment is very patchy so I thought this book seemed comprehensive enough to fill in a few gaps.

Collected Poems

At £25, this book is quite pricey but it contains most of Duffy’s work and considering that each volume alone is usually £9.99, ‘Collected Poems’ seems like a bargain!

Puffin Notebook

Technically this is not a proper book, but it is very fat, has narrow lines and there are puffins on the front cover so I think it represents everything that is good and noble about notebooks.

I look forward to reading these and hopefully posting a book review or two. Please comment if you’ve read any and tell me what you think!


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