Birthday Book Haul

For my birthday I was delighted to receive quite a few books…


I loved David Nicholls’ ‘Us’ and was keen to sample some more of his work. I am a fan of ‘University Challenge’ so this seemed like the logical next step!

the-boy-who-could-see-demonsI came across this book while surfing through book trailers on YouTube (a guilty pleasure of mine) and it sounded unlike anything I’ve ever read before: a boy believes a demon is speaking to him and his psychologist, unable to convince him otherwise, begins to wonder whether he really is communicating with the paranormal.


Tana French was recommended to me by an author at a writing workshop. I attended a girls’ school so the idea of a murder mystery set in one promises to be unsettling but fascinating.


I loved Isabelle Grey’s ‘Good Girls Don’t Die’ so I am looking forward to reading the latest novel featuring DI Grace Fisher.


One of my favourite presents was undoubtedly a subscription to ‘Bookishly’: every month through the post I will receive some tea, pretty stationery and a surprise vintage book. This month’s book was ‘Queer Street’. There is no blurb and I can’t find much information about it on the internet, but I quite like the idea of turning to the first page with no idea of what to expect!


This is a very amusing book in the vein of Mather and Macartney-Snape’s ‘Social Stereotypes’ – fun to dip into and very attractively illustrated.


This notebook, aside from being extremely aesthetically pleasing, also has space to list books I have read, books I want to read and my favourite bookshops, which no doubt will come in useful.

I look forward to reading and reviewing these – please comment and tell me your thoughts if you’ve read any!


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