Adventures in an abandoned hotel

During our stay in Tenerife, my friend and I had observed a rundown hotel across the road from us. The walls were covered in graffiti and it appeared to be empty. The swimming pool was a dry basin, the windows were gaping holes, and I assumed it was unfinished. On our last day, we decided to go for a... Continue Reading →


Top 7: Wilfred Owen poems

Recently I read a collection of Wilfred Owen's poems and loved their power and poignancy. If you're interested in getting to know his work and aren't sure where to start, here are my personal favourites: 1. Dulce et Decorum Est - This is probably the quintessential Owen poem. It is memorable for the sheer grotesque... Continue Reading →

Poem: Chance Encounter

You are one in ten million Workers in a forgotten city Where the horn blasts are like Voices in the wilderness With Napoleon complexes Screaming to be heard And somewhere in the middle In the pile of bricks and rubble From a giant’s tantrum Our eyes meet for the first, Last and only time Your... Continue Reading →

BR: ‘Metamorphoses’ by Ovid

'Metamorphoses' is a Roman epic poem which chronicles everything from the mythical beginnings of the world to the foundation of Rome and the deification of Julius Caesar. I was very impressed by the fact that David Raeburn had translated it into hexameter verse, the meter in which it is written in Latin, so that the narrative swings along... Continue Reading →

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