Poem: Slow Burn

Slow burn, slow burn You burned me through For two long years I was thinking of you The touch of your hand Like the spark of a flame Nothing sweeter on my lips Than the taste of your name You were a steady candle In the back of my mind But when I came too... Continue Reading →


Top 7: Christina Rossetti Poems

I have just finished reading a selection of Christina Rossetti's poems and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed them. They were reasonably simple to read and understand, Rossetti's use of rhyme often giving them a sing-song quality. Yet despite their apparent simplicity, almost all of the poems were deep, moving and powerful. Reading... Continue Reading →

Poem: That Time of the Month

It’s that time of the month again. A headache rattles my skull I’m tired, irritable, prone to mood swings I think of the inevitable blood And dread what’s to come Always painful, always messy; I always end up hurting somebody And howling in frustration Because no man understands Quite how hard it is To have... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Last Unicorn

I am real; just reclusive. I prefer to stay away from Humans – it doesn’t do wonders For your self esteem when They keep confusing you with Rhinos. Do I really look that fat From behind? And when they Started denying my existence I just lost it – And went to live in the forest.... Continue Reading →

Top 7: Poems from ‘The Whitsun Weddings’

I had never read anything by Larkin before I picked this collection up, and I confess myself pleasantly surprised; though there was a thread of melancholy running throughout, it was never heavy-handed enough to become depressing. Each poem was deep and many-layered, yet extremely accessible. If you're interested, here are my recommendations: MCMXIV - a very poignant portrayal... Continue Reading →

Poem: April

Blossoms unfurl where snowflakes trembled once James Taylor singing on the radio An Easter egg firm in my curled hand Hidden but there like the promise of you. A moorhen skitters across the lake The sky blooms pink like an early rose The road is a ribbon of golden sun Flushed green, the trees drip... Continue Reading →

Top 7: Poems from ‘The World’s Wife’

'The World's Wife' by Carol Ann Duffy is one of my favourite volumes of poetry. It invents the untold stories of the women behind the great men of history in an accessible way, while still having plenty of depth. If you're interested, here are my recommendations: Little Red-Cap - Here Duffy recalls a past love affair, using the allegory... Continue Reading →

Poem: Midas

One look at your face and I was sold I’m flying now on mended wings All that you touch you turn to gold. A January day in the dark and cold Like a startled bird, you made me sing One look at your face and I was sold. Apollo, Adonis, you fit the mould I... Continue Reading →

Top 7: Wilfred Owen poems

Recently I read a collection of Wilfred Owen's poems and loved their power and poignancy. If you're interested in getting to know his work and aren't sure where to start, here are my personal favourites: 1. Dulce et Decorum Est - This is probably the quintessential Owen poem. It is memorable for the sheer grotesque... Continue Reading →

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