Disneyland Paris Travel Tips

I visited Disneyland Paris the first time I went on holiday with friends. It was perfect for four slightly disorganised girls venturing from home for the first time - the train took us directly to the resort, there was shuttle bus transfer between the hotel and the parks, and we didn't have to worry about... Continue Reading →


Travel: Northeast England

Photos taken variously in Fountains Abbey (Yorkshire), Newcastle, South Shields and Holy Island

London on a budget

London has a well-deserved reputation for being an expensive place and, as an impoverished student, this can be offputting when planning a day out. However, as my friends and I discovered over the summer, it is still possible to do and see plenty without bankrupting yourself. Here is an account of how we spent -... Continue Reading →

Best Bookshops in Cromer

To celebrate my 18th birthday, I went to Cromer for the weekend with my two best friends. I love Cromer because it has barely changed since the Victorian era: the same cobbled backstreets, extravagant pier and pastel-painted fisherman's cottages are visible in all the old photographs. I must admit it wasn't exactly a normal choice for a newly-turned-eighteen-year-old; some of the wild... Continue Reading →

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