The Year 7 Disco

Emily Pickles is breathless with excitement. Tonight is the big night, the night when she will finally venture into the forbidden kingdom of the boys’ school across the road. In the term that has passed since she left primary school, she has been shut up in a girls’ school the equivalent of a feminist nunnery... Continue Reading →


Poem: Slow Burn

Slow burn, slow burn You burned me through For two long years I was thinking of you The touch of your hand Like the spark of a flame Nothing sweeter on my lips Than the taste of your name You were a steady candle In the back of my mind But when I came too... Continue Reading →

BR: ‘Middlemarch’ by George Eliot

'Middlemarch' is a novel comprised of a series of interlinked sketches of provincial life in 1830s England. The plot revolves around three major characters: Dorothea Brooke, who struggles to express herself in the constricted world afforded to women at the time; Tertius Lydgate, whose dreams of groundbreaking medical research are complicated by the demands of... Continue Reading →

(Very small) Book Haul

Recently my friend and I took our yearly trip to the big Waterstones and Hatchards stores in London. Unfortunately, as we are both preparing to become poor students, we weren't anywhere near as extravagant as normal. However, I still came away with some good purchases, bought almost entirely using book tokens (hooray): Both of these... Continue Reading →

Birthday Book Haul 2

This year, my birthday was a departure from the norm in that all the books I received were either poetry collections or plays. This is partly because some of them are on my reading list for university but partly also because I want to broaden my reading horizons, as I tend to lean towards novels... Continue Reading →

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