Whitewashing Classics

Whitewashing is the all-too-common practice of erasing the ethnicity of a novel's non-white protagonist on the book's front cover, in an attempt not to 'deter' white readers. This can happen in a number of ways - the character can be hidden in shadow, silhouetted or depicted in black-and-white, or alternatively a model of 'ambiguous' or... Continue Reading →


Top 7: Travel photography posts

Northeast England Cornish Coast Bavaria Seefeld, Austria Essex in Winter East Anglia London in spring & summer

Poem: Confusion

I try to remember which fork to use And the correct angle for tilting a soup spoon While engaging in articulate conversation. At least one thing my tutors do not know: My knickers are currently inside-out.

FR: ‘Lady Bird’

'Lady Bird' is a much-acclaimed coming-of-age film set in Sacramento, California. The main character, Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson, navigates the usual teenage hurdles of friendship drama, falling in love, losing her virginity and applying to college. At the heart of the film is Lady Bird's difficult relationship with her mother; both of them are blind... Continue Reading →

Disneyland Paris Travel Tips

I visited Disneyland Paris the first time I went on holiday with friends. It was perfect for four slightly disorganised girls venturing from home for the first time - the train took us directly to the resort, there was shuttle bus transfer between the hotel and the parks, and we didn't have to worry about... Continue Reading →

Top 7: Poetry Posts

I have decided to run a series of these posts because I was scrolling through the site the other day and realised that the volume of content might be a bit overwhelming for some visitors. I'd also like to resurrect some older stuff that doesn't get looked at much anymore, so I'm compiling a few... Continue Reading →

FR: ‘Coco’

With the release of Cars 3 over the summer and the recent announcement that Toy Story 4 is in production, there have been fears that Pixar’s previously undimmable brilliance is fading. But Coco, a heartwarming and beautifully imagined film inspired by the Mexican festival Dia de los Muertos, is proof (ironically enough) that there is... Continue Reading →

Top 7: Stories from ‘Dubliners’

Dubliners is James Joyce's radical collection of short stories revolving around the inhabitants of turn-of-the-century Dublin. Though they tackle subjects as wide-ranging as thwarted love, religion, politics and petty crime, they are linked in their preoccupation with Ireland's stifling paralysis, and in the chronological progression of their protagonists from youth to old age. It is certainly... Continue Reading →

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